WORKSHOP Paula Pin // bIO trANS LAB / April 21st and 22nd avril 2018

WORKSHOP Paula Pin // bIO trANS LAB / April 21st and 22nd avril 2018

BANDITS-MAGES invites you to the bIO trANS LAB // Workshop de Paula Pin, April 21st and 22nd at Haïdouc. The artist Paula Pin, a trans-feminist performer and bio-hacker in residence at BANDITS-MAGES as part of EMAN # EMARE, a network of European residencies, proposes us to practice the following themes in an experimental way: Making a Microscope like Transhackfeminists, Using the Microscope, Open Speculations, Prostatitis, (Performative lab) o (dy Ritual)) Cyborg witch chemistry.

Participation for the weekend including the bio-hacking kit is 50 € and 40 € for students, members, and job seekers.

Limited to 12 people

For more information contact Olivia EARLE par mail // Dircet phone +33 9 81 85 74 49


[transhackfeminism, free technology, Biohacking, acceso abierto al conocimiento, glands, Hardware, HardGlam, biopunk, DIY/DIT, cyborg witches, situated knowledge, queer natures, open science friction, hybrid, Symbiotic]

As a transhackfeminist bio.electro.chemical lab, we live in a constant performance, acquiring and sharing knowledge with huge doses of experimentalism and Noise.X. We take part in the biohacdking network from 2012.

The desire to generate open access to technologies has led them to carry out workshops and highly interdisciplinary research sessions frequently open up new directions and fruitful collaborations around the world to explore through experiments and acquire situated knowledge about queer natures and surroundings.

At the moment, we are immersed in the scientific and witchcraft whatever knowledge that give us the pleasure to build home bio punk labs. The hardware electronic lab was naturally becoming with BIO and CHEMICAL agencies to construct applicable tools for self-management, among others, of health.

Check here some tentacles BIOtransLab / Bioautonomy Gynepunk.

Bioautonomy / BIOtransLab ; origins transitos in.ciertos : //

Materialization of the concept Biotranslab : // //

Gynepunk :


During the open lab we will experiment with these topics

  • Build a Microscope Fanzine about how to and special bonus details and pictures about transhackfeminist way of doing microscopes.
  • Use the Microscope to discover your MICRObiota and epithelial cells : dedicated Fanzine about our MicroVaginal flora or Microbiota and techniques and tricks to visualise them under the microscope microscopio for identification of Candida in vaginal flora (using the extracted fluid from the neck of cervix). Pornoisenicolaou stain also (Pap stain) is a multi chromatic staining
  • Open Speculations. Through the speculum and a webcam will review later viewing, viewing of our cervix and collection of cells, it is also useful to do extractions of vaginal discharge from the neck of the cervix for further examination.
  • Prostatitis: Pre- and Post-Massage (sharing references and experiences about the topyc)
  • [[Performative lab]o[dy Ritual]] Cyborg witch chemistry :

    lab]o[dy ritualistic use of the bodies and technologies from the experiments.

    Cyborg witch sound processing and body interaction with anal-gytal devices

    Flux ritual collective ritual; bodies, devices, code, electronic waves and life video of our cells iterations.