Rumeur : Sculpt de Loris Gréaud avec The Residents

Rumeur : Sculpt de Loris Gréaud avec The Residents

Sculpt is scarcely a social science fiction movie. It depicts an international market organized around new shapes and experiences, all the more sought-after as they are almost unattainable.
Thought recording and fascination for the inner space are no longer fantasies but truly the object of a global market, which thrives on a quest for these moments of pure intensity, beauty experiences, thought, and obsessions.

The movie recounts how this ecosystem, equipped with new « traders », middlemen, buyers, « collectors » and « producers », is structured, and how this elite group sets up experiences whose unique object is a search for the masterpiece of this nature. No one suspects what is woven behind those « objects » as its counterpoint gets organized in parallel: a black market of impure experiences; a violent and dystopian world.

The movie follows the thoughts of a man whom we don’t know much about. He seems to be constantly developing the very concept of what experiencing beauty, thought, or obsession can be, despite the risks that the subjects are exposed to in the long term. Convinced that he can enact the rules of this new world, he will soon discover that the inner space limits and the market representing them are now just as one.

Screenings in the private cinema room at the Transpalette
Free price

  • 6:45 pm Opening of the Haïdouc
  • 7:00 pm Screening of Sculpt in the Haïdouc
  • 8:00 pm  Meal in the Haïdouc
  • 9:00 pm God In Three Persons in the Transpalette

Price 10€  + 1 Bunny boy cocktail is offered